The Danish Geodata Agency generates 1:1 Denmark in Minecraft – and makes all the data freely available

Yeah, that’s right; the danish government in charge of data regarding maps and geological data has just released a 1:1 map of the 43000 km³ country Denmark – in Minecraft. This is part of a greater initiative from the danish government to release the data they have to the masses You can either download the map-data, or connect to the official servers (split into three parts of Denmark):


NB: These servers don’t have any kind of anti-griefing, and will be officially taken eventually. Also, as of this writing, they are pretty full. I live in Denmark and yes, I can recognize the buildings in my town; it actually works!


More coming soon! Algade, Roskilde: Algade mixChristiansborg:Christiansborg

Further reading and sources:

You can visit their official website in danish here, and the Google Translated website here “Denmark makes Minecraft history” – DR English version of the departments website Download data How to connect to their servers (Danish) Denmark on Wikipedia Denmark on WolframAlpha On reddit: /r/gaming, /r/realtech, /r/technology, /r/news In the Danish news: DR: Danmark skriver Minecraft-verdenshistorie, DR: Kort, klodser og masser af data – nu er hele Danmark i Minecraft, Inganist They also an email:, but please don’t use all of my tax money complaining about the servers being down 🙂